Is Numerology a Pseudoscience?

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If you’re one of the 82,000 subscribers of, you know I’m open to getting questions via email and, though sometimes slow to respond, I always do.

Occassionally, I will highlight one of the questions I receive from subscribers via email and put together a video addressing the question.

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Today’s question came from a career mathematician. It is a question I encounter often.

“I’m a mathematician so I must be skeptical and despise pseudoscience. I got an account and started reading. Some stuff really spoke to me, others not as much. I understand this analysis you provide is based on numerology, which I do not know about (and it is pseudoscience, not trying to be judgy but I mean…).

I would like to know how do you connect the numbers I provided you with my name and why this connection. Also you said something about the correlation of some numbers with certain things. How did numerology come to the conclusion that these numbers are in this way correlated with those things? Is it an educated guess? Is it through observation of data and statistic probability? Is it for some religious reason? I understand that I could google those things, but since you passed me a sort of credibility in your speech, I’d rather hear from you.”

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