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Is Numerology a Pseudoscience?

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If you’re one of the 62,000 subscribers of, you know I’m open to getting questions via email and, though sometimes slow to respond, I eventually do. Starting now, periodically, I will highlight one of the questions I receive from subscribers via email and put together a video addressing the question. To get your own free numerology profile and monthly/yearly …

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The SECRET Formula for Manifesting Your Dream Job

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I need to ask you a simple question: Where do you stand in your career? Stuck? Lost? Unsure about how to direct it to the mountaintop? Relatively happy, but still confused about the next step? Convinced that you need a change, but not sure how to manifest it? I know you will agree with me when I say this: nothing …

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Feeling Negative About Your Dreams? Read This.

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Stop the negativity, the excuses, and the incessant focus on your obstacles. Chasing your dreams is the only thing you’re meant to do in life. You may be haunted by visions throughout your waking life. These images are constantly in your mind, make little sense and refuse to go away no matter what else may be more important. They are visions …

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Teledipity Launches Crowdfunding Campaign on Indiegogo for the World’s First Artificial Intelligence Life Coach

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Teledipity, the world’s first Artificial Intelligence Life Coach application, will identify books, online courses, and educational content related to your stated personal and professional objectives. The Indiegogo campaign, launched by the popular self-development site, officially launched today. The world’s leading apps, social networks, and online platforms are engineering addiction on purpose. This addiction has already changed us beyond recognition: …

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How Do You Know If You Have a Brilliant Idea? (PODCAST)

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“Many think only thinking is bold, believing thoughts become things on their own, thinking it happens away from their soul. A worker can be hired, a thinker can be bought, an audience will find it, and an investor sought. This is how they see execution, a privilege they earned for thinking good thoughts…” – Andrew Gabelic In this 8 minute …

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How Safe Is Your Peace of Mind from Annoying People? (PODCAST)

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“Whether or not I think I admire them, everyone has accomplished many things that come hard to me, everyone does the best with what they have (even when they’re majorly screwing up and I can see it and can’t help but criticize it). I can still give them a break. It’s so easy to give somebody a break.” – Andrew …

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Tired of Waiting for Change? You Might be in a ‘Holding Pattern’ (PODCAST)

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“I have a feeling that what you’re doing right now is a ‘holding pattern’, a step to whatever comes next, a preparation or a thing that will last a little bit. You could be dismayed when it feels unfulfilling because it is MEANT to be unfulfilling.” – Andrew Gabelic In this 4 minute podcast, I talk about those strange chapters of our …