A Journey to Self Acceptance – A Numerology Reading with Jessamyn Stanley

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Jessamyn Stanley is an internationally acclaimed voice in wellness, she is the founder of The Underbelly, a streaming wellness app and community, co-host of the podcast Dear Jessamyn, and co-founder of We Go High, a North Carolina based cannabis justice initiative.

Andrew conducts a live numerology reading of Jassemyn’s personality and year cycle, and she shares her own process of creating and what is The Underbelly for her, “a wellness community about everybody showing up exactly as they are”. A space to experience the waves of life. 

A conversation about the kind of energy of a master builder, what is needed to create systems to share with the world. What are the waves that entrepreneurs must go through and how numerology can help you understand not only your own phases but also, your project’s phases and waves. 

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