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Get your FREE and eerily accurate personality report. Experience our world famous “serendipitous” emails and monthly podcasts (based on Pythagoras' theory of 9 year cycles).

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The Teledipity ExperienceOur FREE Numerology Pocket Life Coach gives you unlimited access to:

  • Character Analysis Report

    Seven sections and over 65 pages analyzing your personality traits, talents, areas of improvement and an in-depth look at the current month and year of your life.

  • Weekly Serendipitous Emails

    Our software has an eerie ability to reach you at the right moment with the right message (based on your stage in the 9 year cycle). Emails include recommended articles, thoughts from history's greatest philosophers, original content, and book recommendations.

  • Monthly Podcasts

    Every 1st of the month, you will get a 5-15 minute podcast analyzing the life lessons that await during the next month of your life. Though they have been compared to "horoscopes", the pythagorean system is not about prediction. It is about cycles of challenges and opportunities, and our ability to gain insights from fitting our life experiences into their larger perspective.

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"I don't believe in coincidence, and sometimes it's hard to figure out the reasons why things happen. It's pretty magical to get an email that clears everything out exactly at the right time!"Alfonso Garza, Mexico

“Teledipity excellently utilizes a combination of different but very unique thought cultures to help its users grow, consciously create, and successfully navigate this human experience.” Michael Gustin, USA

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We believe that your talents, interests, and life experience can beautify the world in a unique way, and that you must work hard to manifest it as your "life's mission".

We believe that the concept of your "life's mission" is the best motivator to improve your mind, sense of self, knowledge, and skills (the only road to making the world a better place).

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