Why Patience Is the Most Important Ingredient in Building Dreams

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You no longer need to be motivated by speed.

You don’t need to know that you’ll get your dreams tomorrow or in a year or perhaps three.

You don’t need to make up a date in your mind to feel excited.

You don’t need to feel frustrated when you realize you’re not there yet.

Speed used to be your biggest motivator, but you’re slowly learning to replace it with “happy”.

“Happy” while seeking it, “happy” while waiting and “happy” the second you get there.

That goal transcends “timeline” and “speed”.

In light of this wonderful epiphany, let me ask you a question: What if I told you that the next few months will be slow (but you’ll still be advancing towards your dreams)?

Would you take it as ‘bad’ news or ‘good’?

What does it matter if you know you’ll be happy anyway?

You see, this is the key to everything. You have to be happy while waiting on your dream. You have to be seeking it, but you have to be happy every second you’re not “there yet”.

You have to forget about the date of the “big prize” and completely let go of the concept of “speed”.

Enjoy the ride. Enjoy every moment.

That goal transcends “timeline” and “speed”.

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