Branding as Mission – A Numerology Reading with Lynda Peralta

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Meet Lynda TC Peralta on this week’s live numerology reading! Lynda is a writer, speaker, inventor and entrepreneur. She is the founder of Your Personal Brand Narrative, a platform that teaches leaders how to develop their personal brand, networking skills, and mindset in order to become the fullest version of themselves. She discovered this entrepreneurial passion when she was developing her first business, Pocket Palette, a full face, travel makeup kit.

Lynda teaches contemporary Marketing at George Washington University and recently launched The Saturday Intrapreneur Newsletter, Reluctant Lessons in Leadership. Lynda has a bachelor’s in communication from USC Annenberg and an MBA from The George Washington University.

This week, she will be presenting our new PREMIUM Webinar “5 Steps to Personal Brand Alignment: Using Your Numerology Profile to Strengthen Your Sense of Self and Direction”, where she will discuss the misconceptions around personal branding and its role in our self-awareness and professional decision making.

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