New World Waves
A New Podcast for the Teledipity Community

What number was present in every date of the 20th century? 19 (1901, 1945, 1999).

19: Individuality. Competition. Worship of the individual. Constant change. Separation. Instability.

What number will be present in every date of the 21st Century? 20 (2001, 2017, 2056)

20: Intuition. Patience. Peace. Stability. Harmony. Cooperation. Equality.

What is the decade where this transition between influences takes place? It started in 2017 and it ends in 2025.
Makes sense, right?

According to the Pythagorean theory of 9 year cycles, the period we're living in is one of the most important in human history. Though it feels scary, the news could not be better: we're in the process of building a better world.

New World Waves is a new podcast for the Teledipity community. Every week, we come together to talk about the future.

We conduct Zoom calls with users and experts from around the world as we help each other maintain physical, mental and spiritual health.

We slowly dissect exciting links between the Pyhtagorean theory and key dates in the 21st century, analyzing what this year means for our collective and individual lives.

We interview one expert per episode to learn about relevant topics including health, finance, mindfulness, technology and other hidden opportunities that may lie just beneath the obvious.

We meditate together. We chat. We make each other laugh. We promote each other’s projects, books and art. With this podcast, we will help each other get to the other side.

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