Does Hard Work Guarantee Success? (PODCAST)

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“Is hard work all you need to see your dreams come true, or could you fail even if you do everything in your power to achieve them? Most life questions have two seemingly conflicting, but simultaneously true answers, and this one is no different. Yes, you have full control of your destiny, and hard work, determination, and commitment are certain to pay off no matter what the circumstances throw at you. But there is a catch…not all hard work is created equal.”
– Andrew Gabelic

In this 10 minute podcast, I review the glorification of hard work (and whether or not it is necessarily tied to ‘success’). I explain that not all hard work is created equal, and that true success involves a different, more important ingredient: initiative.

Prefer to read? Why?! Listening is fun! The audio is designed to be a part of the experience. Give it a shot. If you still refuse, here is the transcript. But seriously, it’s not published as a blog post for a reason =).

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