Tired of Waiting for Change? You Might be in a ‘Holding Pattern’ (PODCAST)

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“I have a feeling that what you’re doing right now is a ‘holding pattern’, a step to whatever comes next, a preparation or a thing that will last a little bit. You could be dismayed when it feels unfulfilling because it is MEANT to be unfulfilling.” – Andrew Gabelic

In this 4 minute podcast, I talk about those strange chapters of our lives that feel like a limbo (the past is gone, but the future has not yet arrived). These chapters usually feel awful, but this is by DESIGN!


Prefer to read? Why?! Listening is fun! The audio is designed to be a part of the experience. Give it a shot. If you still refuse, here is the transcript. But seriously, it’s not published as a blog post for a reason =).

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