7 Minutes for Trusting Life and Restoring Optimism in Tough Times (PODCAST)

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“Right before our fortune turns around (the second before everything finally changes) things don’t get better, they get worse and worse and worse. The small remnants of predictability begin to crumble. The cynicism finally takes over. But then the rules of your life change unexpectedly, from one second to the next. It’s like somebody flicked a switch: good fortune explodes all over your face!”
– Andrew Gabelic

In this 10 minute podcast, I review the familiar pattern of life, and endless cycle moving us away from and closer to valuable things. I try to remind you that your obstacles are here for a reason, and that no matter how bad things get, you’re always one day closer to the best day of your life. You’ll need this if you’re in the thick of it =)

Prefer to read? Why?! Listening is fun! The audio is designed to be a part of the experience. Give it a shot. If you still refuse, here is the transcript. But seriously, it’s not published as a blog post for a reason =).

Andrew Gabelic is the CEO & Founder of Teledipity, a free pocket life coach with an eerie ability to send you the right self-improvement content at the right time (based on your personality and life stage). Check out what it says about you!