Black Lives Matter // A Statement from Teledipity…

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Black lives matter. There is no place for racism in the 21st century.

Racism, prejudice and discrimination are rampant across the planet. They are inflicting unimaginable pain and death upon the Black community. Centuries of oppression remain unaddressed.

Enough is enough.

Teledipity stands alongside the Black community to fight for the rights, dignity and safety of all Black people.

Teledipity stands to demand justice for the deaths of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery and the millions upon millions of other Black souls who have been abused or murdered outside of the view of any camera.

Teledipity aches to live in a world where standing up to say “racism is evil, it’s destroying lives across the globe and it must be eradicated” triggers no counterarguments, because there are none.

Most of all, Teledipity is committed to do all it can to help build a world where these kinds of statements are NO LONGER REQUIRED because those kinds of atrocities NEVER HAPPEN – a world where all Black people have the same opportunities to live, breathe, follow their dreams, tap into their greatest potential and THRIVE that everyone else has.

Because we clearly don’t live in that world today, Teledipity has no problem standing up to acknowledge the painful truths:

  • Systemic racism is rampant across the planet.
  • We haven’t done nearly enough to eradicate it.
  • Every day that comes and goes without meaningful action, people die or suffer unimaginable and irreparable trauma.
  • We can do more to STOP this immediately (companies, communities and individuals), and we must take a hard look within to consider all the ways in which we are falling short.
  • It is our responsibility to fix this, and we are failing.
  • It’s depressing that we have failed the Black community this much for this long.

Black lives matter. There is no place for racism in the 21st century.

Teledipity is committed to do all we can to send both racism and systemic racism to the trash can of history. We will do it through powerful, loud and unafraid words. We will do it through direct, impactful and meaningful deeds. We will do it through ongoing, effective and bottomless donations to the organizations on the frontline of this cause.

We will always listen to the Black members of our community to increase the impact of those words, deeds, and donations.

Teledipity is also committed to the basic truth that we can always do better. There will never be a day where we won’t have more to learn, unlearn or do to fully reflect our own values and make our greatest contributions to this fight.

Teledipity is a team of one, but we won’t be this size forever. When we grow, we will always have members of the Black community and people of color on our board, executive team and all levels of the organization. This also includes Black communities outside of the United States – from Brazil to the Caribbean to Africa and every other country on the planet and back again.

This isn’t just platitudes. This isn’t just a statement we wrote to check a box. These values have always been at the core of our ethos. Teledipity was founded by an LGBTQ Mexican inside the international human rights organization where he worked. When the team stopped fighting for justice, freedom and equal rights for all during the day, our founder stayed past closing time to code, write and give birth to our service. Four years prior, he was saved from the depths of depression by a Black mentor and a Black church – gifts of epic proportions that he will never be able to give back (though he will spend the rest of his life trying). Those gifts set him on the path to building this very website. The values reflected in this statement are embedded into our company’s origin story. If you didn’t know it, now you do.

Some users have requested a numerological analysis of what is happening in the world right now, as some astrologers have published in recent days.

Here is what the numbers say:

Black lives matter. There is no place for racism in the 21st century.


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