Your Life is Like Levels in a Video Game (PODCAST)

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“Your Life is Like Levels in a Video Game” by Andrew Gabelic

“Life is not a long climb to a restful and peaceful plateau. It never was and it never will be. Life is a video game, every time you complete a level you advance into a new one. The new level will bring more adventures, more excitement, and yes – more problems.” – Andrew Gabelic

In this 11:11 minute podcast, I go deep into our insistence to see every new chapter of our lives as a “seamless plateau of success”. It’s not just that every chapter of your life is full of problems, it’s that problems can be enjoyed, celebrated, and appreciated. Just think about how you react to the problems in your video games!

Prefer to read? Why?! Listening is fun! The audio is designed to be a part of the experience. Give it a shot. If you still refuse, here is the transcript. But seriously, it’s not published as a blog post for a reason =).

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