Are ‘Success Experts’ Telling the Truth About Taking Big Risks? (PODCAST)

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“Mimicking Both Voices in Your Head” by Andrew Gabelic

Knowing that ‘huge risks’ always lead to ‘huge rewards’ is deeply comforting, because we are naturally attracted to shortcuts and quick solutions to highly complex problems.” – Andrew Gabelic

Are you debating going all out? Quitting your job, taking a leap of faith, and going after what you’ve always wanted?

What if things go wrong? What if it is exactly what you need to make it big?

You have two voices in your head, an advocate for risk and an advocate for trepidation. In this 10 minute podcast, I analyze which strategy makes more sense, and which voice is the most right.

Prefer to read? Why?! Listening is fun! The audio is designed to be a part of the experience. Give it a shot. If you still refuse, here is the transcript. But seriously, it’s not published as a blog post for a reason =).

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