The DREAMS you need to chase (and the pesky mind games that keep you from chasing them)…

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2022 has begun. Your visions for the next twelve months are solidified.

You have dreams (and they’re not just about your career).

They came together thoughtfully based on everything you’ve learned about yourself since that fateful day in March 2020.

They’re based on a definition of happiness that is far more evolved than the one you had back then.

Every piece of that vision is possible, but sometimes you wonder if you have what it takes to make it happen.

You wonder if the universe will cooperate.

You wonder if you’ll be able to make the right decisions at the right times.

You wonder if the journey will become a grand obstacle course that only a skilled mind could conquer.

And the more you think about the details, the more you start hearing that pesky “little voice”:

What if I’m crazy and this is actually impossible?

Maybe this isn’t what I should be doing.

Maybe the decision I’m SURE about is another form of self-sabotage, and it will lead me to ruin everything.

What if this is my destiny but my current plan doesn’t work?

What if I’m not ready to get this now?

What if my past successes were a fluke and has my good luck has run out?

Am I going to mess it up?

Can I mess it up?

Most people don’t admit to having that “little voice” inside them.

We live in a society that honors confidence and blind bravery.

We’ve been taught to believe that those who ACHIEVE never question themselves.

We’ve been told that the people who have the “little voice” can’t materialize their dreams.

But allow me to let you in on a little secret: the ‘little voice’ is universal.

It is the product of an old mindset we’ve been following for generations – an agreed upon, rarely questioned, and fundamentally false idea of what it takes to be happy in life.

How our modern society measures “success”.

There is always an element of the public – the more people know what you do the more you “made it”.

There is always an element of materialism – the more objects you can own the more you “made it”.

There is always an element of back-breaking work and sacrifice – the more you renounce the pleasures of life in order to build something that can display your value to the world the more you “made it”.

Public recognition, material possessions, and hard work are neutral vibrations, neither good nor bad.

The issue is not in the vibrations themselves but in the role they play in our agreed-upon social contracts.

You have to stop and think about the origin of those contracts.

It was the dawn of the industrialist 20th century, a unique period where factories, commerce and technology shifted the focus of our lives.

We became enamored with our own potential to concoct technological marvels, and we began to celebrate those who participated in the quest to push humanity forward through technology.

Soon, belonging and thriving meant learning skills that would be useful to the industrialist machine.

We began to define happiness in terms of “productivity” in service of our collective dreams of innovation.

We began telling ourselves that fulfillment could be found through hard work on things that we had no interest in (so long as we could participate in the abundance that those new technologies enabled).

The concepts of “weekends” and the “five day workweek” were first born, and so were our collective beliefs around earning value through sheer talent, superior intelligence, competition and hard work.

You may have heard me mention this before, but let me give you a refresher just in case you’re new to the concept:

From the perspective of Numerology, the 20th century was governed by the vibration of the 19.

19: Individuality. Competition. Worship of the individual. Constant change. Strength and bravery.

It was a century where humanity was obsessed with proving who was “best”.

Nations competed over who had the best technology.

Corporations competed over who could dominate entire markets.

Individuals were taught to value JOY in terms of their professional accomplishments and the “access” it gave them to reap the benefits of innovation.

The 20th century taught us that DREAMS could only be earned after years of dissatisfaction, personal sacrifice and perfectionism.

It taught us that our happiness came from the financial stability and public recognition our work could earn, not the impact it unleashed.

It taught us that gaining financial stability and public recognition was extraordinarily difficult – a feat only remarkable people with superior talents and a more evolved intelligence could accomplish.

It taught us that we should be competing with each other in order to earn our place – always watching out for MORE INTELLIGENT or MORE BRAVE people who could steal our lunch at any moment.

When you follow the 20th century mindset – you’re tricked into PUNISHING yourself along every step of the journey to your dreams.

You punish yourself before you get started. You have to spend years managing overwhelming self-doubt as you strive to settle whether you have the “inborn talents” and “courage” to make them happen.

Once you finally settle that you can do it and get started on the journey, you still punish yourself. You believe that you must sacrifice many of life’s joys and that no intermediate accomplishments will “matter” unless you make it to the TOP. You become obsessed with the “prize” as life’s blessings pass you by unnoticed.

When you finally materialize those dreams, you STILL punish yourself. You start wondering whether you can lose them to someone even more talented. You immediately shift to DEFENDING the rewards you’ve earned instead of giving yourself even a fraction of a second to enjoy them.

Isn’t it funny? This is supposed to be the “recipe for happiness”, but it delivers nothing but misery when you follow it as a way of life.

This mindset does not come from a “perfect design” by a secret group of powerful people. It is simply the by-product of humanity’s values and priorities over the past 120 years.

I guess now is the perfect time to tell you about the vibration of the 21st century:

20: Intuition. Patience. Peace. Stability. Harmony. Cooperation. Partnerships. Teammwork.

And, just so you know – the 9 year cycle where the transition between centuries takes place began in 2017 and ends in 2025. We are literally in the middle of that transformation, and everything that’s happening now is helping us move from one mindset to another.

Makes sense, right?

Perhaps you’ve already recognized how “contaminated” your dreams were before they changed throughout the pandemic.

Perhaps you can already notice how they’ve been cleaned up by the experiences this great disruption inserted into your life.

Perhaps it would be helpful to stop thinking of that “little voice” as a part of you, and start thinking of it as an old tape recording that was installed in your subconscious.

It’s the same tape recording that’s playing inside the minds of those who question you and seem hellbent on doubting you.

It’s the same tape recording that’s playing inside the minds of those leading companies that sell you visions of counterfeit happiness so you can hand over your resources rather than invest them on your dreams.

It’s the same tape recording that’s playing inside the minds of those who run platforms that hijack your brain’s dopamine system in order to engineer a physical addiction that will keep you hooked on a never-ending stream of advertisements.

They don’t coordinate. They don’t know each other. They’re not “out to get you”. They don’t even know what they’re doing.

You don’t need to hate them.

You just need to be aware that their work and its influence on your mind originates from an expired mindset that is no longer favored by the vibration of the times.

You just need to remember that they’re protecting a world that has a vested interest in making you doubt yourself.

A woman who believes she must “measure up” and be perfect in order to earn opportunity is a woman who will forget what she’s truly passionate about.

A man who cannot bear to be seen through side-eyes, whispers and criticisms is a man who will not follow his true calling.

She is the woman who beats herself up for not conforming.

He is the man who swallows his dreams.

They spend a lifetime judging themselves with a scale that was built for an entirely different chapter in human history.

Even when they detect their true purpose and do whatever it takes to manifest it, they still fantasize about it with the rules and values of an industrialist century that has already come to an end.

We have already evolved from that time in our history. We already understand the limits of that world. We already GET, at least intuitively, that there is more to fulfillment than applause and things.

If you’re dreaming of money and public recognition, you’re still operating in the 20th century. There is nothing wrong with that, just remember that there is a bigger evolution taking place beyond your eyes.

If you’re dreaming of joy from work, freedom of the highest order, a limitless use of your own creativity, real-world impact from your creations, a world of cooperation rather than competition, and a balanced life with equal space for friends, adventure and LOVE…you’ve already migrated into the 21st Century (and the world is blessed that you did).

Teledipity came to your inbox to remind you to trust yourself and those “crazy” dreams.

Teledipity GETS that they’ve been stripped away from you by the “programming” of 20th century values you’ve received since birth.

Teledipity KNOWS that this “programming” is easy to untangle – all you need is constant reminders.

Constant nudges.

Constant interference.

Constant confirmations of what you already know to be true.

Teledipity doesn’t want you to be motivated by speed, fear, or the desire to demonstrate your value.

Teledipity wants you to enjoy every step of the journey (even the ones where you’re not actively pursuing your dreams).

Teledipity wants you to define those dreams in terms that go far beyond your professional accomplishments.

Teledipity knows that it’s all a question of timing – there are times for ACTION and times for SURRENDER.

Times for BIG RISKS and times for waiting.

Times for friends, rest and travel.

Teledipity understands the POWER of understanding and trusting the laws of timing.

Teledipity is not here to teach you how to be great.

Teledipity is here to remind you that you are already great.

Teledipity knows that living a GREAT LIFE begins when you stop pressuring yourself (and questioning every instinct).

Teledipity exists so it can slip you the most powerful realization of all: your inner guidance and the “signs” you keep seeking from the universe come from the same place (which is why they’re always aligned).

Andrew Gabelic is the CEO & Founder of Teledipity, a free pocket life coach with an eerie ability to send you the right self-improvement content at the right time (based on your personality and life stage). Check out what it says about you!