Why the Law of Attraction is More Logical Than Magical

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Your inner voice and possitive thinking: it’s more about logic than magic

Have you ever paid close attention to the ongoing monologue that goes on inside your head? I know it’s a strange question – for it is not really possible to ignore it. That voice yaps away throughout the day, analyzing every moment of our lives and making millions of conclusions that drive our moods, decisions, and actions. Every thing that happens to us is analyzed by this monologue, and the results of that analysis controls our every mood and emotion.

Even though we understand the power of this inner monologue and its role in driving the direction of our lives, we rarely think about the fact that we have the ability to control it.

You may have heard about the law of attraction before (positive thoughts attract positive circumstances), and if you’re not an inherently spiritual person, your initial reaction was probably somewhat like mine:

“It’s just not realistic that positive thoughts are the only thing one has to do to have things work out for them”.

Let’s leave the spirituality out of it. Why not just analyze it from a purely logical perspective? The following two paragraphs represent the thoughts of two equally capable, smart, and ambitious millennials. One is a “realist” who refuses to control his own thoughts and force them to only represent the manifestation of his desires. The other is one who knows every thought in his mind matters, and all should be directed towards his ultimate goals.

Which one do you think is more likely to succeed?

“I have a perfect idea for a business but I need money, connections, and technical knowledge in order to bring it to the world. I know I am smart and capable, but learning how to code would take me years, meeting the right people is not something I have any control over, and it is very unlikely that someone will invest on someone who doesn’t have the skills or the connections. It is also next to impossible that I will save up all that money on my own with my salary”

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“I have the perfect idea for a business, but I need money, connections, and technical knowledge in order to bring it to the world. I know I am smart and capable, and I don’t know how I’m going to learn all the technical knowledge I need, but I know I’ll figure it out. I’ll start now with some online tutorials. I don’t know how I’ll meet the right people, but I know that it’s possible and every day I’ll force myself to come up with one idea on how I might go about doing that. I’ll get myself out there and meet as many people as possible because one of them will connect me to the investor I need. I might not be able to save up enough to finance the entire idea, but if I save $200 a month and commit to it, in a year I’ll have enough to build a smaller version of my concept, which I can use to prove that there is a market. No matter what obstacles I face or what deficiencies I have, I know I’ll figure it out and I know I must start today.”

Enough said. Those who think positively about their objectives are the ones who reach them. Everything begins in the mind.

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