Teledipity Launches Crowdfunding Campaign on Indiegogo for the World’s First Artificial Intelligence Life Coach

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Teledipity, the world’s first Artificial Intelligence Life Coach application, will identify books, online courses, and educational content related to your stated personal and professional objectives.

The Indiegogo campaign, launched by the popular self-development site, officially launched today.

The world’s leading apps, social networks, and online platforms are engineering addiction on purpose. This addiction has already changed us beyond recognition: we’re reading more (useless click-bait content), thinking more (about cat memes and funny gifs), and exercising our motor skills with astounding regularity (on Candy Crush).

But we’re not gaining anything of value.

Teledipity, the world’s first Artificial Intelligence Life Coach, was designed to help us use our smartphones in more constructive ways.

Its software will be one of a kind, combining the latest artificial intelligence insights on personality with an ancient Greek system of self-improvement known as “Numerology”.

The FREE application will offer several unique features, guiding users through three main stages:


An eerily accurate personality profile is built from an exhaustive review of the user’s social media activity and Pythagorean numerology profile. It is built to encourage introspection regarding career objectives and long-term plans.


Pythagoras, an Artificial Intelligence chatbot, will ask each user a series of questions:

  • What do you want to accomplish this year?
  • What do you want to learn?
  • What is your ultimate dream?


Based on the information collected,  Teledipity’s artificial intelligence engine will make a daily selection of 11 items in the following categories:

  • Online courses users should be enrolled in (based on stated objectives)
  • Books and/or audiobooks users should be devouring (based on the hobbies, industry of choice, and self-improvement areas of focus mentioned during the chat session)
  • Blogs, articles, and podcasts about the future of the user’s selected industry, relevant self-improvement topics, and powerful reflections from humanity’s most respected philosophers and thinkers (all aligned with the user’s stated needs).
  • Reflections coming from Pythagoras’ system  (part of’s popular original content – weekly and monthly numerology reflections based on the user’s position in the 9 year cycle).

Paid features will include compatibility reports (comparing the personalities of two individuals) and a gift recommendation tool (utilizing the same system to advise users on relevant gifts based on their personality and objectives).

Teledipity launched as a numerology blog on June 30th, 2015, fully written, developed and published by CEO & Founder Andrew Gabelic (who was 28 at the time).  The blog calculates a FREE in-depth personality profile and sends weekly and monthly reflections (including book, video, and blog recommendations).

Over the course of 28 months, Gabelic built an online community of 12,000 subscribers from over 56 countries (around 70% are millennials living in the United States, Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, Ecuador, Canada, Spain, the United Kingdom, and Australia).

The Teledipity app concept encapsulates Andrew’s passion for online learning as an answer to our modern lives of accelerating technological change.

He shared the thesis for the product at TEDxTlalpan and TEDxLakeForestCollege in 2017:

“Look at where we are as millennials: we’re drowning in debt and technology is about to wipe out 30% of our current jobs. Stability and tenure were commodities in the 20th century. They’re worthless now. The 21st century is for adaptable people with a basket of eclectic skills who are serene in the face of unexpected change. If you’re worried about student debt and career future, live by the indebted millennial golden rule: hop jobs, learn skills online, build a wide network, and move faster than change.”

Teledipity subscribers and any interested supporters can now pre-order app services and gain dozens of other exciting rewards by supporting the development of this application on

Andrew Gabelic is the CEO & Founder of Teledipity, a free pocket life coach with an eerie ability to send you the right self-improvement content at the right time (based on your personality and life stage). Check out what it says about you!