Numerology Report + 12 Monthly Forecasts

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Teledipity's FREE personality reports and forecasts were written by me (get yours here). These 86 page reports were written by Hans Decoz, one of the most famous Pythagorean numerologists online. While the results will be similar, this report has 11 additional sections, looking at deeper aspects of your personality and 12 months of forecasts (our website only displays the current month). Your report will be delivered in PDF form within 48 hours to the email associated with your Paypal account.


  1. Aleksandra says:

    Numerology Report 2019

    This is a special numerology report where you find things about yourself that you know and also some parts that you don’t. While reading it I felt like I was looking into a mirror, in some parts I liked what I read, but on the other, I was like not again đŸ˜€ But joke on a side, this report is really precisely written, calculated & objective. Because life is a mixture of bad and good so I like realistic reports like this.

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  2. Sharon Teresa says:

    Thanks a bunch!

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