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Are you in an especially confusing year? Are you struggling with a major decision you would like to place in the right perspective? Would you like to hear more about a specific area of your profile?

In our 45 minute consultation, we can go deeper into any area you are especially curious about.

We talk about your objectives for the year (personal, emotional, romantic or professional) in the context of the current (and next) cycle of your life, and the influences of your numerological year.

The session is a mix of numerology chart analysis, combined with strategizing what’s best for YOU and YOUR nature, the types of experiences awaiting you in 2019 and 2020, AND the right solutions I’ve learned from my own experiences building this website.

So how’s your year going? What’s the big objective for 2019? How can we get started?  


  1. Flavia says:

    Great talk!

    I’ve been reading my forecasts and listening to Andrews podcasts for a while now and I love them. So when I schedule this chat it was like talking to an dear friend.

    Andrew is very clear, direct and to the point in what he has to say, and to me that’s perfect.

    It’s refreshing to talk with someone who’s actually listening to you and thinking together about next steps and plans.

    This was exactly what I needed, so thank you Andrew 🙂

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  2. Kayla Vorg says:

    Great Chat

    I can tell you in words how happy I am.
    It’s nice because you brought me some simple but deep information that made me change the way I see things (ok, it’s not nice, it’s amazing 🙂

    After our call, I could read my Teledipity profile from another perspective, it shifted everything in a good, good way.

    I also can see and feel how passionate you are doing this job and this is amazing to me.

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