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Unfortunately, I am now booked solid and will not be able to schedule additional readings in 2022. Add your name to the waitlist if you’d like to receive a notification the next time I open up space for them.

Are you in an especially confusing year? Are you struggling with a major decision you would like to place in the right perspective? Would you like to hear more about a specific area of your profile?

In our 60 minute reading, we can go deeper into any area you are especially curious about.

We talk about your objectives for the year (personal, emotional, romantic or professional) in the context of the current (and next) cycle of your life, and the influences of your numerological year.

The session is a mix of numerology chart analysis, combined with strategizing what’s best for YOU and YOUR nature, the types of experiences awaiting you in 2022, AND the right solutions I’ve learned from my own experiences building this website.

So how’s your year going? What’s the big objective for 2022? How can we get started?

Want to listen to what a reading with me sounds like? I made this audio with some samples from several readings in the past six months.


  1. Tifanee says:

    Internal Insight

    I’m so glad I booked a consultation appointment with Andrew. This conversation was more than I could have hoped for. I read the forecast prepared every month, but this consult felt more personable and insightful. I was left feeling like I understand myself better and also with a clear view of where I’m headed, and what things I should be focusing on. I also have a better understanding of my personality and how that manifest itself in the things I enjoy and cherish in life.

    Thank you for taking the time to give me the most well-rounded explanation of my personality and helping me understand what lies ahead, and how to navigate that. I am eternally grateful and would recommend others sign up for a consultation of their own. It will be worth it.

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  2. Sherri says:

    Great reading

    I just had a wonderful , full of great insights reading with Andrew. Andrew is wise, thoughtful and does a great job at guiding you towards your future with his special blend of numerology and magic. He is a compassionate soul with great gifts! in a time of uncertainty he shined the light where it was most needed…

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  3. nikki says:

    Incredible Session!

    When I first came to Teledipity, I almost couldn’t believe what I was reading…everything was so on point relating to my life. I then purchased the relationship compatibility report, which once again blew my mind. Next, I had to do a session and wow… spot on. Andrew is a gift to this world and I cannot recommend his services enough. There are so many people who claim to know what they are talking about when it comes to numerology…Andrew is the real deal!

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  4. M.K. says:

    Weight Lifted

    I was first introduced to Teledipity by a trusted friend who insisted that I check it out.

    When I read my annual Teledipity forecast, I was spooked by its accuracy. Andrew’s monthly forecasts are so spot on that I had to get a consultation.

    He was thoughtful, thorough and insightful throughout the consultation. It was as if he read my mind and knew me the same way a best friend would. Andrew’s consultation answered a significant question that I carried that will steer the course of my life. Finally, the weight has been lifted off! I feel hopeful, excited and confident.

    I have been raving about this consultation since it transpired and now two of my friends have signed up for a consultation with him. They can’t wait!

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  5. Cibele says:

    Amazing !

    We had an amazing talk !!! I don’t know how this could be so accurated.

    Andrew is a very good listener plus he gets brazilian accent and sense of humor 🙂

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  6. Alice Molinari says:

    Inspiring and Enlightening

    I’ve been a fan of Teledipity for a while so it was only natural to want to hear my personalized forecast straight from the horse’s mouth. What makes this different is that on the website you can only see your numbers individually, but when speaking to Andrew he is able to look at how the numbers relate to each other. The website is always spot on, but having the live consultation helped to connect the dots in a truly enlightening and inspiring way. Recommend you book yourself one before this man gets too big and can’t do them 1 on 1 anymore!

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  7. Justin Nassiri says:

    Well worth it

    Andrew is awesome. My friend did a consultation with him and recommended I give it a try. I was skeptical, but really enjoyed the experience and just signed up my wife as well. Andrew is generous and genuine. For those who may be a bit guarded on this sort of thing, I recommend you approach it as just seeing what information resonates with you, keeping that, and letting go of the rest. I walked away energized about my work ahead, and feeling like I have more clarity. It was crazy to see how much of the insight Andrew provided was spot-on for where I am in life right now.

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  8. Chris says:


    I’ve been following along with Teledipity since a friend recommended it to me and it’s insane how accurate it is.

    Talking with Andrew expanded on some of those personal insights without feeling repetitive and he allowed me to hit on the topics I wanted to cover. My life seems to have many forking roads and paths to choose from, which can be paralyzing at times and I walked away from this call with confidence that I was heading in the right direction.

    It was a great experience and I definitely recommend it. Now if I can only capitalize on all of my potential!

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  9. Flavia says:

    Great talk!

    I’ve been reading my forecasts and listening to Andrews podcasts for a while now and I love them. So when I schedule this chat it was like talking to an dear friend.

    Andrew is very clear, direct and to the point in what he has to say, and to me that’s perfect.

    It’s refreshing to talk with someone who’s actually listening to you and thinking together about next steps and plans.

    This was exactly what I needed, so thank you Andrew 🙂

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  10. Kayla Vorg says:

    Great Chat

    I can tell you in words how happy I am.
    It’s nice because you brought me some simple but deep information that made me change the way I see things (ok, it’s not nice, it’s amazing 🙂

    After our call, I could read my Teledipity profile from another perspective, it shifted everything in a good, good way.

    I also can see and feel how passionate you are doing this job and this is amazing to me.

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