Live Numerology Reading with Diana McKean Israel – Unlocking Greater Vitality

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Diana McKean Israel is a serial entrepreneur and pioneer in the nutrition, supplement and wellness industries.

Before launching a mind-body wellness center and a personal training company, she climbed the corporate ladder through sheer talent and grit, serving as Vice President of Marketing at Pharmavite Corporation, CEO of Mode Office Systems, and various other roles at companies such as Vistage Worldwide, Sara Lee Corporation and many others.

Diana was also an early adopter of Numerology, discovering it at age 13 inside an abandoned book buried deep inside her local public library. As you can imagine, Numerology was universally stigmatized, ridiculed, and ignored at the time. But Diana always followed her gut.

Diana’s numerology chart READS like the chart of a spiritual badass businesswoman, and that is exactly who she is.

Her newest venture, High Quality Aging, has a simple mission: helping people of all ages develop the habits for unlocking greater vitality, energy and longevity.

In Diana’s reading, I outlined the key cycles, dates and years of her life. She confirmed that they felt exactly like they read on her chart.

Eventually, we chatted about how she seamlessly swept through the corporate gender barriers of her time.

We also chatted about the two most famous self-improvement books of those years. I could tell that she had read them, and I shared the story of how they impacted me and how my perspective on them has since shifted.

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