Live Numerology Reading with Catie Fenn – Finding The BIG Love

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In this episode, I conduct a live Numerology reading with Catie Fenn. We chatted about relationships, expectations, and the personal processes one must go through to open the energy to love and conscious relationships.

Catie Fenn is a former lawyer turned lifestyle coach, course creator, and urban priestess. Her mission is to help empower people to truly thrive by creating lives that are an authentic expression of who they are and what they value.

She helps others to learn how to connect more deeply with themselves and their inner wisdom. She hosts online courses, heart-awakening retreats in Costa Rica, and monthly moon circles.

Leveraging her experience as a lawyer, she blends the practical with the spiritual into a grounded approach to creating lasting transformation in her client’s lives.

Next week, she will be presenting a PREMIUM Webinar on 5 Steps to Manifesting Love – How to Call in Your One.

It will be available to all PREMIUM users for free and on-demand.

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