Live Numerology Reading with Candice Mama – Functioning In Chaos

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In this episode, I conduct a live Numerology reading with Candice Mama. After we talk about her future, we jump into unstructured, serendipitous conversations about finding love, aligning with the universe, and the teachings of our favorite book “The Alchemist”.

Candice is one of Vogue Magazine’s top 33 most inspiring women in the world. She was named in the Top 20 African Women by the African Union and United Nations celebrating women who have contributed in building peace in Africa presented by UN Secretary General António Guterres and Norwegian Prime Minister Erna Solberg.

In 2017 Candice was presented with the Human Beacon of Dignity Award for her contribution in the field of forgiveness and reconciliation.

Her work in forgiveness, reconciliation and trauma began after her story of forgiving her father’s murderer made international news.

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