How to Enter Flow and Reclaim Your Creativity in Service of Your Project…

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The epic journey of creation (the process of bringing an idea out of your mind and into the real world) is a roller-coaster between fear and confidence, insecurity and courage.

We oscillate between both without rhyme or reason, never knowing the intricacies of the hidden triggers that allow us to move from one to the other with seeming ease.

When we enter FLOW, it’s magic. We feel the spark. And we fall in love with the experience.

When we exit FLOW, we start questioning if we have what it takes. We wonder if others already did it better. We worry about risking what’s been built in favor of the next BOLD MOVE. We question if it’s meant to be or if the obstacles are insurmountable.

There is a powerful shift in perspective you can make to separate that indecision, perfectionism and cognitive exhaustion from the process of birthing the idea you KNOW belongs in the world.

A project that thrives, has an impact, and fills your life with epic memories.

I tried to summarize that shift for you in another heartfelt email, but I couldn’t.

This week, the words weren’t coming out right.

That’s why I decided to turn on my webcam and just talk about it.

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