Feeling Negative About Your Dreams? Read This.

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Stop the negativity, the excuses, and the incessant focus on your obstacles. Chasing your dreams is the only thing you’re meant to do in life.

You may be haunted by visions throughout your waking life. These images are constantly in your mind, make little sense and refuse to go away no matter what else may be more important. They are visions of a perfect life and an excellent path – most of us call them “dreams”, “fantasies”, or “hopes”.

There are many out there who claim not to have them. They believe that they have never thought about what they ultimately want in life or how to figure it out. Others have clear visions but have been fed a false or misleading timeline for its development, believing they need to wait or “pay their dues” before starting to pursue it. Others knew it, followed it, and encountered early forms of failure (which is nothing more than temporary defeat), and decided that what they were going after was unrealistic.

This world is full of people who were forced to accept a life where their dreams did not materialize, and all of us fear we may end up in this group. There is one problem: looking at life in this way is almost sure to guarantee defeat.

There was a time where I wasted months or even years trying to settle certain doubts in my mind.

The first:

“How hard should I chase my crazy illogical dreams if there is a chance that they are simply not going to happen?”

The second:

“How can one enjoy the “present” if one is always chasing a dream? How can one be happy when one is so focused and so determined that nothing else really matters?”

I am incredibly grateful for the books, mentors, and life experiences that taught me how useless these questions really are, and how little connection they have (if any) to the way life really works.

Your dreams are in your head for a reason. Nothing that makes you feel raw passion, overflows your brain with pure joy, and tickles your intellect to the point of ecstasy is accidental. Visions of seemingly unachievable dreams are an essential part of the human experience, and when you have them, you are very much supposed to go after them. Whatever those fantasies are (they could be a family, a company, a screenplay, a small store, a restaurant, a video game, or anything else that you can imagine), you will find your greatest life experiences on the road to making them happen.

If you don’t believe in destiny, a purpose for every individual, or an order to the universe, I might as well give you a logical argument before continuing:

What thoughts would you like to have on your deathbed? Would you like to look back at these incredible dreams and wonder what scared you enough to rationalize not going after them? Would you like to wonder what your life may have been had you not given up? Would you like to be the kind of person that dies with regrets?

And what about the concept of “ambition” versus “living in the now”?

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No debate is more perplexing or more useless. The thought process that leads us to beleive that both cannot exist simultaneously is deeply flawed. It assumes that one cannot “enjoy the present” while chasing a dream. It assumes that “the present” you get to live without ambition is just as good as the “present” you live when you are relentlessly pursuing what you want.

Your life’s circumstances are far more exciting when you are hustling than when you are still. Being ambitious and focused does not exclude you from being able to enjoy the “here and now”.

The goal is to see the mountain’s summit, but the purpose is to find the flowers on the way to the top.

What about the looming possibility of failure? This seems to be what prevents most of the regretful from going after what they want. The answer: it is not really about whether or not you get there. The whole point of going after your dreams, is the experiences you will find on your way to making them happen.

You don’t have dreams so that they can unfold as you envision; you have dreams so you could walk on the journey that was meant for you.

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