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How Safe Is Your Peace of Mind from Annoying People? (PODCAST)

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“Whether or not I think I admire them, everyone has accomplished many things that come hard to me, everyone does the best with what they have (even when they’re majorly screwing up and I can see it and can’t help but criticize it). I can still give them a break. It’s so easy to give somebody a break.” – Andrew …

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Our Greatest Strength and Most Limiting Weakness: We All Care What People Think (PODCAST)

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“The Panopticon” by Andrew Gabelic “There is who you are, and there is who you think you are because it’s who others want you to be. Sometimes one has the other strangled.” – Andrew Gabelic In this 15 minute podcast, I go deep into our ingrained obsession with what others think of us, where it comes from, how it has …

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What Praise Can Teach Us About Ourselves

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Life is a roller-coaster between fear and confidence, insecurity and courage. We oscillate between both without rhyme or reason, never knowing the intricacies of the hidden triggers that allow us to move from one to the other with seeming ease. One moment we can conquer the world, and the next we cannot get out of bed. One moment we’re convinced …