6 Steps to Mastering the 21st Century - A Numerology Guide for Building Dreams in a World That Needs Them

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6 Steps is an interactive audio experience that will help you shed the limiting beliefs of the 20th century so you can start building your dreams with the limitless opportunities of the 21st century.

According to numerology, the period between 2017 and 2025 is one of the most important in human history. Though it feels scary, the news could not be better: we're in the process of building a better world.

6 Steps is a 6 month experience of audio book summaries, self-development exercises, theta wave meditations, personalized professional timeline and deck of numerology cards to help you understand what this transition is all about, what your role in it should be, and what specific steps you can take towards it by building your dreams now.

  1. Every month, I will summarize one book in a 30 minute audio (representing a step towards the 21st century mindset).
  2. Each step covers a 20th century belief that is no longer applicable ("your strengths and weaknesses are fixed", "work is supposed to be difficult and uninteresting", "hard work is the road to success" and many others).
  3. After you listen to the book summary, you'll get a PDF of introspective exercises to help you analyze how you adopted each belief and how it is STILL holding you back today.
  4. Once you complete the exercises, you'll get a theta wave meditation (which you will listen to daily for the rest of the month) to help you absorb a new 21st century belief (and tattoo it into your subconscious).
  5. I will also add you to our private 6 STEP Whatsapp group, where we will profile one course taker every week and help him or her come up with new ideas, better plans, and any connections or resources we can provide that will help them build their dreams faster.
  6. Once you've completed each of the 6 steps, I will send you 4 additional book summaries outlining techniques for learning skills online, a summary of numerology's insights on the 21st century and the current decade, and other techniques for using your technology devices with conscious intent (they are tools to build your dreams and enrich your mind, NOT energy vacuums or mind-numbing agents).

    Say goodbye to:

    • Anxiety and constant thoughts of "catastrophe" or "the end of the world"
    • Chronic negative thoughts, coming from nowhere, and based on nothing that is happening in the moment Confusion about what "your mission is" or the idea that "you don't know what you want"
    • Procrastination on the steps required to get going on your dreams Knowing you have a better future, but feeling confused about the process of getting there
    • Thinking that building dreams requires "risks", "hard work", "sacrifice" or "lots of evenings and weekends"
    • Thinking you need "an investor" or "plenty of capital" to turn your passions into a technology-driven product, artistic work, or service
    • Thinking you need "experts" to help you build technology tools, publish content, or master online marketing or sales techniques Thinking you need a "live teacher", "in-person course", or "another degree" to learn the skills you need to accomplish more on your own Believing that "work of love" is divorced from "a stable financial life"

    Get ready to:
    • Define your purpose in a clear, concise sentence (and stop questioning it)
    • Move past the fear of criticism or public ridicule Embrace your eccentricity and courageously shine it onto the world Program your brain to automatically (and subconsciously) trust your own crazy dreams and always seek opportunities to build them Incorporate online education (including audiobooks, podcasts, and online courses) into your weekly life, and enjoy your new habits of constantly expanding your mind with your devices
    • Transform your relationship with money, and stop seeing it as a "sacred prize reserved for those who display courage, sacrifice, and intelligence" or an "evil corrupting energy that contaminates your spirituality"
    • Trust that you can own your resources and time with the things you love and the activities you're passionate about, and that you can quickly find the road to making it all happen
    • Understand that the process of building your own freedom will help us all build a better, more equal world
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Annual - $89 USD
Monthly - $11 USD

I’m Andrew Gabelic, Ex-Depressed and Broke Millennial Turned Numerology Startup Founder.

If you had met me back in 2013 (just a few years after this audio story about the origins of Teledipity) - I would’t have DARED to tell you about my passion for numerology or my crazy ideas about building a self-improvement technology around its algorithms.

I didn't know how to build websites, I didn’t want anyone to think I was crazy, and I had no faith that I could ever support myself working full-time on those “delusions”.

Every morning, I sat in traffic for 50 minutes preparing myself for another eight hours of torture at a job I despised. My only escape was my audiobooks, and little by little, I learned all of the things I’m dying to share with you.

These six books helped me grasp the clear differences between the 20th and 21st centuries - and how our 20th century beliefs, expectations, and values are holding us all back from reaching our true potential during these times of transition.

They helped me come to terms with the importance of translating those grandiose dreams into a clear definition of purpose with a simple plan, a realistic deadline, a belief that I could master the technology tools required to bring it to life (not to mention a mind full of faith that refused to question any of those basic truths).

They helped me go from "knowing what I wanted but pretending I didn't to protect myself from disappointment" to "just frickin' going for it".

Today Teledipity is used by 62,000 people across 150+ countries. They are engaging with numerology as an exciting tool to define what they want, curate awesome books, and consume bite-sized chunks of self-improvement content at the right times.

Thanks to the support of 400+ of my earliest users, my dream mobile application is finished and going live in the first half of 2020. I have been able to share my perspective on the 21st century mindset in four conferences (including three TEDx stages).

My crazy ideas are now real! They're happening! They're my main source of income, the only focus of my attention, and the way I choose contribute to this larger transformation we're all going through.

My mission is to help you do the same with your crazy dreams...

I'm ready to recieve that help!

Annual - $89 USD
Monthly - $11 USD

Are You Sick and Tired Yet?

Sick and tired of not trusting your dreams? Sick and tired of thinking they're crazy or delusional? Sick and tired of waiting for later to start building them?

Are you where I was just a few years ago?

Knowing that your life is bigger and better but unsure about how to start living it?

Having a dream but thinking someone needs to "invest in it" or "give you the chance to prove how awesome you are"?

Knowing you have an awesome future but wondering if it's actually going to happen?

Numbing your mind with social media, or online videos, or TV shows instead of using the incredible potential of your god-given talents?

Are you sick and tired yet?

Sick and tired of putting it off?

Sick and tired of feeling like nothing is changing?

Sick and tired of not trusting your own dreams - or yourself?

What if you could just change that now? What if you could just start believing something else? You don't have to know how things will change, or when you will start acting different....you just have to BELIEVE.

BELIEVE that you will follow your dreams.

BELIEVE that you will generate all the income you want through them.

BELIEVE that you will make it happen some crazy way with the help of the Teledipity community (and the universe).

What if you could just BELIEVE?

6 Steps to Mastering the 21st Century will walk you through the same process I went through over the course of six months.

If you’re as SICK of going through the same endless feeling of stagnation and dissatisfaction over and over and over and over again...

...and if you’re open to doing some cooky stuff to move beyond everything that’s holding you back...

I made this audio experience just for you (but you gotta be open to the cooky stuff!).

I'm sick and tired and totally open to the cooky stuff...
Annual - $89 USD
Monthly - $11 USD

How long will it take?

It will take 6 months to obliterate your 20th century beliefs and adopt the 21st century mind.

You'll finish that process with a clear, definite, and realistic objective to complete over the next 12 months.

Once you COMPLETE THE 6 STEPS, I'll continue to send you 4 additional premium audios touching on numerology's insights about the 21st century, techniques for learning online, and a few other relevant book summaries on chasing dreams, technology, and the future of work.

You'll finish this experience with a 21st century mind, a clear description of what you want and what the first step looks like, a list of tangible accomplishments, clear strides towards your dream (if you don't manifest it completely), and a huge community lifelong friends from all corners of the world who will do everything they can to help you succeed.

I'm ready to follow you into the 21st Century...
Annual - $89 USD
Monthly - $11 USD

Our SubsrcibersLove Our Service

"I don't believe in coincidence, and sometimes it's hard to figure out the reasons why things happen. It's pretty magical to get an email that clears everything out exactly at the right time!"Alfonso Garza, Mexico

“Teledipity excellently utilizes a combination of different but very unique thought cultures to help its users grow, consciously create, and successfully navigate this human experience.” Michael Gustin, USA

What is the Whatsapp group for?

In the age of Coronavirus, there is nothing more important than digital community.

We keep each other motivated during our quarantines with inspirational quotes, synchronized mediatations, and just candid unstructured conversations.

Every FRIDAY, I will pick one course taker to record a voice note to tell us about their crazy dreams (their mission statement, their plans for the next 12 months, and the things they're struggling with or need help figuring out).

We will spend the rest of the WEEKEND coming up with crazy ideas to help that user solve their issues and get to their objectives faster.

Some users will POST IDEAS about how to fix specific problems.

Some users will SUGGEST INNOVATIVE WAYS to monetize faster, or grow faster, or launch faster.

Some users will KNOW A FRIEND (or a friend of a friend) who is in the perfect position to help that person (and will be more than happy to make an introduction).

We will make this chat into a weekly tradition. The more our 6 Step community grows throughout the year, the more exciting these chats will get (and the more Sundays you will get to tell us about what you're working on).

Your membership in this WhatsApp group will last 12 months.

This sounds awesome, I'm ready to sign up!

Annual - $89 USD
Monthly - $11 USD

Wait...you get a bonus!

As part of your enrollment in this crazy interactive experience, I will include my newly designed NUMEROLOGY 45 CARD DECK - a game I invented for myself to regain my confidence in tough times and get clear answers to questions I'm confused about. You pick a four digit number, you select your cards - and you get your answer. Can't wait for you to try it!

If you are on a monthly membership payment plan, your gift card deck will be mailed after your 8th month payment.

Annual - $89 USD
Monthly - $11 USD

Actually, you get two bonuses!

Each card deck includes a PREMIUM 8-SIDE FOLDED TIMELINE of your professional life (based on your chart). It details the objective and influences every chapter of your career.

If you are on a monthly membership payment plan, your timeline will be mailed after your 8th month payment.

Annual - $89 USD
Monthly - $11 USD

But Do I Need This Really? What Is the Value?

Why do you need six book summaries on audio? Why should you always be searching for and taking online courses and listening to audiobooks? Why should you tell strangers about your dreams? Why a timeline? Why a card deck?

Why define what you want and give yourself a deadline to reach it?

Why look deep within at some of the beliefs you may have inherited from parents and grandparents who grew up in a different century that operated under rules that no longer apply?

Why pay for a guide where I plan to infect you with a bunch of DISGUSTING POSITIVITY?

I know where those questions originate. I can connect with a time in my past where I would have asked them myself.

Back then, I hated "positivity" and the mantra of "everything is possible". It made me sick to my stomach. I was all too aware of a world where not everyone has the same privileges, or can build their dreams as easily as others.

I knew I was privileged in a million different ways – and I could also write a SUPER LONG list of all the ways in which I was unlucky:

  • My income barely covered my expenses.How could I possibly build a numerology website by myself?
  • I was dumb enough to study an arts degree instead of something useful related to technology.How could I possibly build a numerology website by myself?
  • The world I lived in forced me to invest 11 hours of every day into things I didn’t care for (3 hours in traffic and 8 in the office). How could I possibly build a numerology website by myself?

But let me tell you something, and let me preface it by saying that the moment you read it, it will probably trigger a little defensiveness inside you:

Your obstacles and limitations are real, but nothing in this physical universe is stronger than YOU - a spiritual being.

Viktor Frankl found happiness and gratitude inside a concentration camp. Helen Keller was born deaf and mute and not only figured out how to read and write – but made an enormous impact for all the visually and hearing impaired people who came after her.

I can send you a list of contemporary entrepreneurs born and raised in the most disadvantaged regions of India and Africa who invented financially sustainable systems that spread the reach of soap, clean water and even cheap smartphones (enabling online education for millions of disadvantaged people).

I can send you a list of ethical businesses that are creating remote jobs to the most economically deprived regions of the world, expanding economic opportunities to people who had been dealt a raw deal in the 20th century economy.

I can send you a list of a million problems that have been solved by people facing a million limitations, living lives with a million things to be angry about. They dared to ask themselves “What could I do despite my limitations?” rather than “See?! See what I’m dealing with?!”

We may not all be on the same playing field, or able to accomplish the same things, but we can all find gratitude in our lives and focus on the ideas and solutions that are possible in our own context.

It is always more productive to focus on what we can do than what we can't do (and, in the process, make it easier for those who come behind us).

The things humans accomplish by adopting that simple attitude DEFY ALL LOGIC. They could be described as miraculous.

What this century needs is good people with good values, good dreams and a good understanding of what our future should be to OVERCOME THEIR 20th CENTURY MIND and get going on the things they’re dreaming about.

You hear that? I’m talking about you. You're a good person with good values, good dreams, and a good understanding of what our future should be. The world needs YOU to stop being scared and start trusting your crazy dreams. This transition won’t happen around you, without you. It involves you.

You may not be convinced that building your dreams is as easy as I say it is...or that you have it in you...or that the future of the planet is as rosy as I'm painting it.

But what if I'm right? Seriously, what if I'm right?

What if the rest of your life will be different once you fully grasp the nature and purpose of those 20th century beliefs, and work on techniques to finally shed them?

What if you could be living your dreams in a few years thanks to better chronic thoughts, new habits of using online education as often as you use NETFLIX, and the courage to believe that you have everything you need to get started?

What if someone in our WhatsApp group has the idea and the connections you need to get going?

What if my audios have all the information you need, hidden inside books you may never have found or have made those connections with?

What if the 21st century is as awesome as I claim, and I'm right that you're supposed to play a role in this transformation?

Jump! The universe will catch you!
Annual - $89 USD
Monthly - $11 USD

Imagine yourself one year from today...no longer confused about what your mission is, doing something awesome to build it every day, never wondering if it "will happen for you", using it as a source of income, and connecting with hundreds of other Teledipity users around the world to build it...

It isn't "hard"...
It doesn't take "lots of work"...
You don't need to "sacrifice" anything...
You don't need to "change who you are"...
You don't need to "teach yourself" to be something else...
You just need to TRUST (me, yourself, and the Teledipity community)....

Annual - $89 USD
Monthly - $11 USD

What If I Hate It? What If It's Not What You Say It Is?

I'll give you your money back. That's right, I will give it all back.

I'm offering you a 30 day money back guarantee - no questions asked. The 30 day count begins on the first day of the course (January 8th, 2020).

You will get Step #1 and Step #2. You will receive your deck of cards and your personalized timeline. You will join our Whatsapp group and experience "Teledipity Sundays" (where we will focus on the dreams of one course taker, share ideas, offer help, and motivate them in any way that we can).

If you decide that I don't deserve any money for what I created...

...if you honestly think all the work I put into this experience is not worth what I'm charging...

...and if you ask me within the 30 day window...

...I'll send you a pre-paid DHL label you can use to return your card deck (and you can keep your timeline as a gift). Once I confirm the cards are on their way to me I'll send you a full refund.


Oh...OK. I'm ready to go!
Annual - $89 USD
Monthly - $11 USD

I'm a Security Nerd, and Security Is My Number One Priority...

As you can see from the https:// on the address bar, we have industry-standard 128-bit SSL encryption that will protect your data throughout the payment process.

Teledipity will never see your payment information - your credit card purchase will be handled by PayPal.

When you click buy - you'll be taken to a form where you'll fill in all necessary information. Once you complete it you'll be asked to log into your PayPal account. You will then be redirected to Paypal to complete your payment.

Once your payment is processed, you'll get an instant receipt and enrollment confirmation with instructions on accessing the course after the start day of January 8, 2020. I will also collect your shipping information to send you your deck of cards and timeline within 4-5 weeks.

You can also email me anytime at info[at]teledipity.com if you have any questions.

Annual - $89 USD
Monthly - $11 USD

This Is It...The Fork in the Road.

You've heard my thoughts on the 21st century. You know why I'm passionate about helping as many Teledipity users as I can stand up and accomplish great things.

You understand why I created this program and what it will help you accomplish.

You're feeling as sick and tired of not following your dreams as I felt in 2013 - and you know I have an interesting and unique perspective to share with you.

You are fully protected. You have your 30-day money back guarantee. All the risk is on me.

This is the fork in the road.

To the right is:

  • A Teledipity community ready to embrace you with open arms.
  • A collection of premium audios I've been planning since I launched Teledipity in 2015 (and writing/recording/editing for almost a year now).
  • A fun deck of cards I poured my heart and soul into.
  • A beautiful timeline listing every chapter of your professional life with an extended description of what you should prioritize in each.
  • A framework to set objectives and meet them.
  • A recipe for overcoming all the 20th century beliefs and mental blocks that are holding you back.

To the left is: the same.

  • The same process for reading books you have now.
  • The same process for incorporating online education into your weekly life you have now.
  • The same process for setting and following objectives you have now.
  • The same people motivating you to follow your dreams you have now.
  • The same free content you get from Teledipity now.

Perhaps that's enough...and if it is that's awesome. It's a great feeling to be aligned. That means this program was not created with you in mind.

But what if it's not enough?

What if you know you need a change (and need it fast)?

Yeah, that means this program is for you. Take my hand and come join me in the 21st Century!

Let's do it!
Annual - $89 USD
Monthly - $11 USD