The Future Begins Today (a poem)

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Tomorrow, Everything will change tomorrow, I will be invincible tomorrow, My life will be better tomorrow.   Today, Everything is wrong today, A necessary evil today, Not content, Not comfortable, Not happy, Today.   I must wait my turn today, Earn my success today, Ignore the pain today, Make it to tomorrow, Today.   Spring is on the horizon, Happiness … Read More

Read This if You Don’t Beleive in Karma

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How many guardian angels have swept in from the shadows to change the circumstances in your life? Somebody introduced your grandfather to your grandmother. Somebody recommended your mother for the most important opportunity in her life. Somebody helped your father through his most difficult life crisis, where he formed the wisdom that saved you. Somebody chose your university application over … Read More

What Praise Can Teach Us About Ourselves

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Life is a roller-coaster between fear and confidence, insecurity and courage. We oscillate between both, never knowing the intricacies of the hidden triggers that allow us to move from one to the other with seeming ease. One moment we can conquer the world, and the next we cannot get out of bed. One moment we’re convinced we will live our … Read More

How to Recover From the Death of a Fantasy

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I dared to dream. I dared to believe that it was finally over. The moment seemed perfect. The situation felt right. The story seemed to be reaching a conclusion, and for a moment, I could see the light. At first I couldn’t allow myself to believe it. I said “don’t build yourself up for disappointment”. I’ve learned my lesson before. … Read More