Numerology – the half-Greek, half-Babylonian tool for spirituality in the 21st century

What is this thing you call “secular spirituality”? Why is there a natural link between my spiritual journey and Pythagorean Numerology? What does that have to do with my progression towards my dream career?

Have you ever had a burning question, nagging train of thought, or deep desire for specific knowledge that was serendipitously addressed by the universe?

Have you ever seen a sign on the street, heard a program on the radio, or randomly opened a book that perfectly addressed a situation in your life? Have you ever been touched by the beauty of life’s serendipity?

Suddenly, it becomes logical to see life from a spiritual perspective, where those happy accidents are part of an intelligent force trying to tell us something. Suddenly, it is not so far-fetched to consider the idea that there may be a purpose to our lives and that we came to this world for a reason.

Spiritual questions are a key component of the human experience. They are as intricate a part of being alive as falling in love, having incredible sex, and spending a Sunday on the couch binging on several thousand calories. It is a shame that we have all been taught to link religion with life’s spiritual questioning, because spirituality should never impose a specific worldview or a set of life guidelines with defined rewards and punishments. Without religion, we are left without a framework or system that can guide us in exploring our spiritual selves.

At the age of 8, I came across such a framework. It colored my life in unimaginable ways. It gave me spiritual freedom I needed to continue seeking knowledge throughout the ups and downs of life. It gave me a new perspective on my problems and blessings. I made this website to share it with you.

We all know that most famed western philosophers eventually broke free from the religious restrictions of their time. Many of them remained deeply interested in spirituality despite their secular leanings. One such great spiritual thinker is often linked with some of the more rational scientific knowledge of our time. His name was Pythagoras, and few know that he was as deeply interested in spirituality as he was in mathematics. In fact, he frequently linked the two. He had used numbers to solve many of the physical world’s greatest mysteries. It was inevitable that he would one day wonder if they could also hide clues to our life’s spiritual questions.

In his mind mathematics and spirituality were one and the same.

After all, every letter has a place in the order of the alphabet, and our birth dates are also made up of numbers. When we add some of these numbers up and look at the totals, we see many different results. Curiously, there are clear similarities behind the character and life experiences of those who share the same results.

The Pythagoreans were not the first to make these connections, and in fact were heavily influenced by earlier spiritual seekers who had sought to answer the same questions. The Chaldeans, a civilization from the southernmost tip of Babylonia, had already developed a keen understanding of the personality (or spiritual vibration) behind each number, and understood how to combine those tidbits into clear insights about an individual’s character, strengths, and weaknesses. The Chinese and the Mayans had developed similar systems (though theirs are less linked with that of the Pythagoreans, and it is highly unlikely that they had they means to learn about or be influenced by each other).

Pythagoras passed on and further explored his insights with his students, the Pythagoreans. What we got from their efforts is a system known as Pythagorean Numerology, which has grown over centuries with the help of dozens of men and women who have made incredible advances to its laws and eerily accurate insights.

The concept behind numerology is simple – the 9 digits of our mathematical system represent nine different energies that make up a well-rounded human life:

  1. Independence & leadership
  2. Cooperation & diplomacy
  3. Expression & optimism
  4. Organization & stability
  5. Freedom & adaptability
  6. Caregiving & responsibility
  7. Knowledge & analysis
  8. Material Attainment & power
  9. Hummanitarianism & unconditional love

Every number is tied to one of these energies. Some people have too much of one and too little of another. Some are experts in one and total amateurs in another. Every human being is a unique combination of these nine energies, and an individual’s personality is a perfect expression of those combinations.

For a snapshot of your character, talents, weaknesses, deeply held desires, and thought processes, all you have to do is apply a different set of formulas to the numbers that make up your given name and birth date (check out your own 100% free).

Your life is a long journey dedicated to the proper balancing one of these vibrations. When you take a look at the number that rules the theme of your life, it is fascinating to trace down your greatest adversities back to the lessons that represent a proper expression of its energy.

We discover how to properly express the vibration of our ruling number in progressions of nine year epicycles – each year focusing on a subset of that lesson. Our nine year epicycles make up three major life cycles (youth, adulthood, and maturity), each with its own focus.

Studying how the numbers combine at key moments in your life is a fascinating exercise in understanding some of your greatest milestones and transitions. Drilling down from those insights to your current year (and month) uncovers thrilling revelations about how clearly those vibrations are expressed in your present circumstances.

We always travel heavily on a 5 year and are overloaded with work and restrictions on a 4 year. We always begin new projects on a 1 year and go through an intense identity transformation on a 9 year. On any given year, every individual is on a different stage of their own personal 9 year epicycle, which is colored by the combinations of their life cycles and ruling number.

The snapshots that emerge from those formulas, are (for lack of a better term) creepily accurate.

This system is so specific in its life lessons, and so open for interpretation and freedom of analysis that it has enriched my spiritual life in ways I cannot even begin to describe. It has been so helpful to me that I spent the past five years writing the content for this website, just so I could share it with you.

There are over 300 pages of content and dozens of hours of video available to you free of charge, so you may visit anytime that you need an uplifting message or a third perspective on your life’s problems, challenges, and opportunities.